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9 August
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go to my deadjournal. it's what's updated now.


My days are usually spent drawing, writing, and playing video games. I collect video games, but mostly older/classics. Avoided music for three years, but I guess I've succumbed to it's wrath. Current artists I particularily care for include sum41, linkin park [crawling], gorillaz [clint eastwood], R. Kelly [I wish], and more. I'm an avid George Carlin fan, and quote him daily. I recommend that all the people in the world that are open to a new perspective listen to him.

I am currently in counseling for severe anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and bipolar disorders. I have yet to bring up more issues, so that list may vary in the near or distant future. Although I may be considered crazy- or slightly nuts- I don't tend to show it in real life. Around my friends I am pretty mellow.

I'm starting my junior year at Monte Vista High School this year. If I applied myself, I could easily be taking all AP classes. But I don't feel that is necessary, nor will it help me later in life. I plan on doing something in the creative arts field, or opening my own classic gaming arcade.

If I had the money, I would travel. My senior year I am planning a vacation to either Brazil [the Amazon] or Borneo [probably the Kota Kinabalu area]. I love nature- rainforests, pine forests and the taiga are favorites. Favorite animals include cougars, lynxes, bobcats and lemurs. As for indoor pets, I would love to have a cockatoo [sulfur-crested].

Currently care for a cockatiel [waldo], cat [curfew] and dog [cleo]. Love 'em to death.

Hope any of this information helped. I'm probably not that boring in real life. At least I hope not...


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